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Corn Maze

943 Landslide Road, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, P6A 6J8, 
(705) 253-4712

Get Lost in the A'Maizing Corn Maze!

The Corn Maze is a walking trail puzzle cut through the towering corn stalks.  Mazes are fun.  Walking through them is a conquest.  There are checkpoints throughout the Maze that will document your journey.   

Our Maze is about four acres.  That’s big!  The design of the Maze changes every year and if you could see it from the air you’d see an exquisite work of art whose lines comprise many kilometres of trail.  The average time to complete the Maze is about an hour.  You’ll find your way but if you are misplaced just call a Corn Cop to be shown the way out.

If you come at dusk please bring a flashlight or purchase one at the gate for $4.

Our theme this year is the Lakeway Reunion. We have cut the Trojan logo into the field!

Its never been done before....IT'S NEW, NOVEL and EXCITING!!

And yet traditionalists can still go through the Maze in the familiar way.

Mockingbird Hill Farm.  It's Fun!

The Corn Maze is open daily till near dusk and late on Flashlight Friday and Saturday nights....last tickets sold at 10 p.m.

The Admission is $10 for adults and $8 for kids 11 and under.  The Petting Barn and Wildflower walk are included during day-time hours.


A day at the Maze is a fun-filled family or group experience. 


Hours & Admission

The maze has but one exit but there are a lot of ways to get there.  The real fun is the journey. There are many ways for folks to enjoy the MOOSE MAZE.

School Tours

The Moose Maze allows kids to enjoy solving the puzzle of trying to find their way out while being in the middle of a cornfield learning all about what goes into raising crops.  We have prepared activity sheets that will prepare students.


Scout groups, Church groups and sports teams will find the Maze a perfect location to build unity and impart the value of cooperative effort and a place for good fun.

Kids Birthday Parties

Mockingbird Hill has always been a favourite place for kids' birthday parties.  We have picnic areas.  Parties can have a campfire wiener roast, hay rides and petting barn tours.  And this year birthday moms can have the welcome relief of losing kids in the maze for a while.

Just Folks

The Maze can be an idyllic and contemplative reverie.  Or you may want excitement.  Competition for the best maze times are a favourite.  It can be family vs. family, husbands vs. wives, kids vs. parents or even friends vs. friends.




Company Outings

Companies can reserve the maze for staff picnics. Work groups may enjoy a teambuilding bonding activity or just break from a busy office.